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skateboard bench

We have been selling these for 9 years at Paris Audio (I'm the original owner). Bevely Hills Porsche was our biggest customer (for 20 years) so I guess you could say we have a little experience. We made some improvements, like stiffer material and better magnet clearance and call it the Floor box 2. This box fits all current Porsche cars except Cayenne. For more info click on the picture. How does it sound? Incredible. How does it look? Invisible.

skateboard bench

Everyone has some wack job idea of how to build a sub for Porsches. This is ours... simple lightweight and invisible. Oh and it holds 2 8's.This box fits cars that share sheet metal with the 996 types and may have the Bose sub behind the seat. We build it to be super light because I got tired of people complaining that their cars didn't handle after I put a big box in the back. or having to take it in to have the shocks adjusted after the sound system went in. This is only about 20 pounds with the woofers in it. Click on the picture for more info.

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